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SWITZERLAND. BASEL. BINNINGEN. Kantonalschutzenfest, 1893.

Silver, 45mm. Coat of Arms of Basel on a decorative shield superimposed on the cross of Switzerland surrounded by a wreath of oak and olive leaves. Rv. Armored warrior kneeling with multiple arrow wounds on the field of battle. Only 705 pieces minted. Martin 74. Uncirculated. CC Ref # MEDAL-1

SWITZERLAND. LUCERNE. Centralschweiz. Schutzenfest, 1889.

Silver, 45mm. Shield superimposed on the cross of Switzerland with the rays of the sun behind and a hunters cap above. Rv. Crossbowman with crossbow and arrows in hand against an alpine background. Martin 472. Uncirculated.CC Ref # MEDAL-2

SWITZERLAND. THURGAU. FRAUENFELD. Eidgenossisches Schutzenfest, 1890.

Silver, 45mm. Coat of Arms of Frauenfeld over crossed rifles and oak and olive branches. Rv. Helvetica with sword in one hand and out stretched arm with protective shield over maiden holding Coat of Arms of Thurgau symbolizing the membership of the canton of Thurgau in the Swiss confederation in 1803. 5760 pieces minted. Martin 666. Uncirculated.CC Ref # MEDAL-3

SWITZERLAND. ZURICH. WINTERTHUR. Zurcher Kantonalschutzenfest, 1891.

Silver, 45mm. Embellished Coat of Arms of Zurich with the Coat of Arms of Winterthur superimposed in the lower half, above branches of oak and olive with the head of an angel. Rv. Soldier holding flag of Switzerland shows a crossbow man where the enemy is located. 800 pieces minted. Martin 1033. About Uncirculated.CC Ref # MEDAL-4